May 232017

erotic caning erotic spanking

Oh-kay, these are fucking brilliant. Leia Ann Woods is a particular favourite and here she is in a brand new movie from Pandora Blakes DREAMS OF SPANKING. Dressed in tight corset and skirt, Leia-Ann Woods is an obedient secretary, ready for day ten of her training with Thomas Cameron. She submits to an inspection, then a cold caning at the hands of her exacting boss. More great pix and a free preview here!

May 202017

hot arse spanking

Brand spanking new at Northern Spanking USA is a bum walloping awesome gallery of mature bottom slaptitude for your delight. When John was out of the office at lunchtime, he was terrified when a reckless driver nearly ran him down as he crossed the street. He was more shocked when he realized that he recognized the car, and the driver: it was his own wife, Jadie! Jadie had a reputation for being a menace on the road, but when he saw for himself just how dangerous she was, he had no choice but to punish his pretty wife. Waiting for her when she arrived home, with a leather strap in hand, he reminded Jadie of what had happened that day. Her excuse of “I’ve never run YOU over before!” didn’t go very far. Jadie ended up across his knee, being punished first over her tight leggings, then her cotton panties and finally, much to her chagrin, on her bare bottom. Then she was made to kneel on the sofa and present herself for the strap. Even worse, John told her that he was taking her car keys for a week, and that she’d have to take the bus!  Click here for a free pix preview!!!

May 202017

yeowch english spanking blog

erotic spankings at yeowch spanking blog

What is it with black stockings and suspenders?! More please like this latest gallery update from the excellent NORTHERN SPANKING website. Just love the way Caroline Grey fits her perfect arse into her sexy lingerie as she get’s a good spanking from her date. Definitely the best way to end a first encounter. See more from this new series and hundreds of top quality erotic spankng movies and pix in their huge archive section.


May 192017

spanking april spanking april uk spanking

Another oldie that I missed! Take a look at naughty brunette April getting her ass spanked in tights. “Another episode of Unladylike Manor and this sees the arrival of April who is after a job as a PA to Lord Stern, He needs help in his charitable foundation and in his misguided mind the thought of offering this work to a convicted fraudster, for that’s what April is, ,is merely doing more good work. He does however believe that she needs to repent and he knows just how that can be brought about. It does of course mean that she goes over his knee for a spanking on her panty hose tights and then on her bare bottom. His horny old hand soon works its magic on this fallen girl.” says Spanking Sarah Bright. View a whole gallery of pix right here!

May 182017



Top American spank website presents English rose Amelia Jane Rutherford in a cool new movie. Stunning model Amelia Rutherford wins a lucrative new fragrance contract in Rogue Model, so her agent Christian Fennington celebrates by giving her a final bare spanking! At last, she can relax and smile through the pain of 200 smacks over his knee: perfect! Check out more previews here from their latest update!

May 152017

yeowch spanking blog

aaa spanking nyssa nevers

aaa spanking nyssa nevers

VERY nice. A little sexy lingerie goes a long way in making a spanking much more erotically fun and here we have the exceptionally naughty Nyssa Nevers in her best stockings and suspenders getting her firm pert arse soundly spanked by AAA Spankings Head Honcho the Chief. Love his spanking website which has loads of sexy babes getting spanked in various scenarios. Check out more hot preview pix at the link below as well as AAA SPANKING’s special subscription offer!


May 142017

wife-spanking-1 english spanking

Not much new stuff to post lately, so here is a look back at one of my favourite movies from ENGLISH SPANKERS with a mature spanked housewife story – the kind of thing I really like. Mr Stern plays a disciplinarian for hire who goes around spanking unruly housewives in their own homes. My kinda job. Good fun and very erotic  Click here for an awesome free gallery!

May 142017

teen spanking

teen spanking


Perky teen Belle and her pert bottom are the stars in this cute new movie from Sarah Bright’s excellent SPANKING SARAH website. Belle is on the phone boasting to her friend how she has faked an illness to get her out of going to school. Unfortunately her conversation is overheard and retribution is not long in coming. She goes over Sarah’s knee for a spanking on her tight shorts before these are removed and her bare bottom gets turned red. Then she kneels in the chair as Sarah lays into her bare bottom with a nasty and pain giving leather paddle. This young lady is new to the spanking scene but that does not stop Sarah giving her a real punishment.  Click here to watch a free preview trailer!

May 112017

slipper spanking

Check out big boobed Ashleigh getting her firm tight arse soundly slippered in ENGLISH SPANKERS new whizzo spanking movie. Big boobed Ashleigh is determined to model for a local photographer, she has been told she must not and has been spanked for disobeying. Now she is at it again, and she is in serious trouble, her big boobs and cute arse will not save her from a damn good thrashing with the slipper. She has to bend over and take a good swatting on her bare bottom. View a gallery of FREE pix here.

May 112017

sexy uk spanking magazines


One of my all-time favourite spanked ladies is Lorraine Ansell – seen in the above retro photo spanking one of her girlfriends in a past issue of much missed KANE magazine.

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