Ella Hughes Spanking Submissive for Hire.

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Lovely Ella Hughes shares her personal spanking fantasies in the latest cool update from Sarah Bright at English Spankers. Sarah says “This is an amazing film and just goes to show what happens when you let the girls chose their own story line. Ella Hughes and Sarah Stern were filming for us and they came up with this story. Now I happen to think it’s a great story, Sarah hires a young lady from an agency, this young lady has to be naturally submissive and will have to submit to a really hard caning, some face slapping and some nasty pinching of her nipples.  Ella just loved the whole idea and contributed some of the more extreme ideas, just goes to show, a naturally submissive girl will decide on her own fate, as painful as it certainly will be.” Check out this awesome preview click here!

A Spanking for Zarah

english spanking for zarah

spanking english women

These are positively scrummy with the awesome Zarah getting her perfect bottom spanked by lucky Uncle Paul who has a thing for lithe nubile babes who walk around wearing those tight little shorts which are just made to be pulled down when a spanking is needed. Excellent update from the always dependable and always excellent ENGLISH SPANKERS website. More hot preview pix at the link below and info on how to sign up to see the whole movie and much more.


Spanking Sarah and an Unladylike Paddling for Lady Suzie.

english mature women spanked and paddledLADY SUZIE PADDLED BY SARAH

english spanking otk erotic spanksPUNISHING THE MORE MATURE ENGLISH ARSE

hot english milfs spanked– pix courtesy of spanking sarah and her cool website –

Bloody hell, it’s snowing outside right now and is so cold I can hear my brass balls ringing. Crazy fucking weather here in the north east of England. To add a little heat into the moment, here’s the latest update sent to me by Sarah and is pretty terrific as I’m sure you’ll agree. This new movie has Sarah taking a paddle to sexy mature Lady Suzie who she makes strip down to her stockings and high heels for a taste of the leather across her pert milf arse. Absolutely brilliant. Click the pix or link below to see more from this set. Be sure to check out Sarah’s special limited membership offer right now to celebrate her site being online for over 3 years now. Great stuff for fans of traditional English botty swotty.


Sexy French Maid Suzanne Thrashed.

milf-spanking maid spanked

Now this is HOT! Naughty French maid Suzanne is one hot milf and no mistake. Here she is stripped down to her sexy black stockings and bent over the sofa for a hot bare assed spanking followed by a taste of the tawse. Yeowch is a huge fan of the more mature lady getting a good seeing too and this one is great. Click this link for a free gallery of exclusive pix from the excellent Spanking Sarah website.

Spanking Tips for Jadie Reece.


Rule no.1 – at your first job interview don’t try and flirt with your interviewer coz you just don’t know how your cute rear end might end up! Take poor Jadie Reece above, how was she to know the guy was a hardcore spanking nut and that he was going to deal with her coming on to him by making her strip to her bra and knickers then give her a spanking otk that really hurt! Excellent new gallery from NORTHERN SPANKING for subz to their huge spanking website. Visit NS here.

Spanking Masie Dee.

masie dee spanking

masie dee spanked

TOP UK SPANK WEBSITE ENGLISH SPANKERS latest update has one of their new girls involved in a little kitchen sink drama which usually ends up with said naughty girl dancing around the room clutching her well spanked arse. Pixie Masie Dee plays a lazy housemaid who feels the wrath and hard hand of her employer across her hot pants backside and naked butt with a well hard spanking and thrashing. Masie is such a worky ticket that it’s a real pleasure to see her soundly spanked in this great new movie from ENGLISH SPANKERS. More awesome preview pix and a free movie can be found at the link PLEASE CLICK HERE to check them out.

Lazy Sunday Spanking Afternoon.

sunday spanking

Sunday was meant to be a spanking day. Nice and slow with no need to rush things and to take the time to enjoy the lazy moment while spanking a pair of hot girls big bottoms! Check out this super spanking cute exclusive photo from NORTHERN SPANKING’s latest update with naughty brats Irelynn and Lottie getting all hot and bare arsed bothered kneeling on the sofa waiting for their spanking. Excellent stuff. CLICK HERE to join this cool UK spanking website and view the rest of this gallery and much more.

Spanking Sarah Caning the Naughty Maid.

spanking sarah spanked


Awesome new movie from SPANKING SARAH with two hot mature women and their big fat arses getting spanked and caned. Love the sexy lingerie and old style corset Sarah is wearing and those stockings and suspenders are wicked! As Sarah says: It’s real fun having a maid, especially the punishing them bit. I am fortunate with my present maid she loves to be spanked and disciplined so I take advantage. I decided to cane her but told her I did not know much about how to do it, she offered to cane me to show me, I let her. Then it was my turn to cane her lovely bottom and you can guess what a whacking she got. Loads of real hard strokes from my very strong arm, I certainly made her sorry for caning me, I must admit I did quite like it though she is the very first girl to have caned me I think. More hot preview pix here

First AAA Spanking for Alex Reynolds.

alex reynolds spanking (3)

Love these cool spanking pix just uploaded to the excellent AAA SPANKING showing the first spanking ok session with Alex Reynolds and her awesomely denim clad bum. Nothing in my books is more sexy than watching a good old fashioned spanking over a pair of tight denim jeans. And guess what?! CLICK HERE for more hot preview pix in a special YEOWCH gallery!

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