Sep 212017

naughty nurses naughty nurses

Women spanked in uniform is always sexy fun and here’s a fine example from Sarah Bright’s excellent ENGLISH SPANKERS website. Is Amy cut out to be a nurse? That is the question she has to answer. She is untidy, late for duty and not very good with her patients. Matron just can’t take any more of this and has called her in for a serious talk and a session of behavior modification punishments. She hopes that by inflicting some pain into the nurses bottom she may help her to revise her attitude. A stout leather paddle is procured and used on the hands and bare bottom of this nurse. Now will this do the job?.. For a free gallery of hot pix previews – click here!

Sep 202017

spanking april spanking sarah bright english spanking ass

Bad girl sexy April is in trouble with Sarah again. “I do like to keep my house clean and tidy and I do not like it when other people who are my guests use my computer. I have already paddled April for disobeying me and showing her bottom to her boyfriend on skype and now I am going to give her a caning. I start off spanking her over her tights, she takes a good few strokes before these come down and she gets the rest on her bare bottom.” says Sarah. Got to love April in those sexy tights though.  Check out much more here!

Sep 202017

End the week with this new update from Firm Hand Spanking USA and three great new spank movies with Amelia Jane Rutherford, Alison Miller and Dani Daniels bare arsed and soundly spanked. FHS is an awesome and long standing spanking website with loads of movies to check out in their members section. Click here for free preview clips from their latest releases!

Sep 172017

ginger spanking

Think I’m in love – again. Schoolgirls Alex and Linny are waiting in the common room. They are waiting for Mary-Ann, a younger girl they have been bullying and stealing from for weeks. However, instead of poor little Mary-Ann arriving to hand over her lunch money, her big sister Ginger arrives, clutching the school paddle and with revenge on her mind. These horrible girls are done tormenting her sister and Ginger is determined to make them feel the humiliation she has suffered at their hands. With the added extra of very sore bottoms indeed, once their white cotton school knickers are pulled down and both girls receive a paddling. We can see that the punishment has worked; Alex and Linny agree they will never, ever pick on any girl (who has a big sister) .  Click here for an awesome gallery of pix from this update!

Sep 142017


scarlet spanking




spanked in unfirm

AWESOME new update from the brilliant Spanked in Uniform website dedicated to naughty girls punished in various sexy outfits. Scarlet is one of my favourite ladies and here she is in a new episode from their Law and Order series. Fantastic arse on this girl imho. Click the pix/links to check out more hot previews at this hot Dutch spanking website!

Sep 032017

american girls spanked

Meet the Girls at America’s Top Spanking Website.

camilla scott spanking stephanie murray spanking amelia jane rutherford spanking

Tight British buns strapped! Camilla Scott pays for not following orders Camilla Scott has an incredibly tight, gym-toned butt. Now those cheeks pay the penalty for not following Earl Grey’s instructions about cleaning and lunch in Busted Burglars. Who can resist tanning Camilla’s hide until she yelps and turns red? Go Earl!

Cutting class earns Stephanie Murray’s gym-toned buttocks a 12-swat paddling! Hot brunette senior Stephanie Murray bends over principal Dani Daniels’ desk to have her bouncing teen buns paddled for cutting class. Stephanie chooses swats over suspension but cussing means she’s told to lift her skirt to feel the burn on thin panties!

”Top model at spanking party” is a headline worth a severe strapping Stripped naked, her stunning six foot figure bent over a table, Amelia Rutherford finds out what agent Christian Fennington thinks of her appearing at a fetish event and being caught out by the media. Well deserved severe 58-stroke strapping for a Rogue Model.

Three great new movies at the excellent FIRM HAND SPANKING. More free previews here.

Aug 312017


scarlet spanked uniform spanking spanking scarlet

Dutch spanking website Spanked in Uniform sure know how to yank my chain with their latest awesome spanking movie starring the lovely Scarlet in trouble with the spanking police. As ever she ends up getting her peachy ass thoroughly spanked and sore. Can’t recommend this place enough as it is such a fun place to check out – click here for more hot previews!

Aug 312017

school spanking school spanking

Naughty CAM GIRL Bell Calder stars in the latest spank movie from SPANKING SARAH and her awesomely kinky website. Sarah Sly Private Eye has been called back to help deal with depraved cam model Bell. She has been spanked and now a harder and more severe punishment is called for. Sarah has no doubt what will do the trick. She scalds Bell before bending her over and removing her panties. Then follows the hardest paddling this young lady has received. Her lovely bottom is soon turned a brighter shade of red and she has some tears in her eyes.  Check out this exclusive online preview trailer here!

Aug 292017

asking_bf005 aversion_d005 bottom_c005


Hey guys, back with another post today and what a brilliant one it is! Three new movies from Firm Hand Spanking and featuring three of my favourite babes in Belinda Lawson, Alison Miller and Amelia Jane Rutherford. Excellent stuff and more pix and preview clips from each movie can be seen here!

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