Mar 182018


Amazing the things you find in the most unexpected places. Came across this while checking out some of the least well known spanking movie makers ( B&D Pleasures) in the HOT MOVIES spanking section and its a great little movie with a hot brunette in Kym Wilde getting her ass spanked and paddle along with her friends. Click here to check it out.

Mar 162018

Ahoy hoy chaps, welcome to another Yeowch post with an awesome gallery update from Northern Spanking USA. “Adrianna Evans and Alex Reynolds are two students on a class trip. When they get back to their hotel room, they discover that they’ve been mistakenly charged for drinking all the alcohol in the mini bar. This is forbidden behavior, and the girls really didn’t do it! However, they have trouble convincing their strict teacher, Mr. Kennedy, of their innocence when he overhears them debating what to do with the bill. Both girls are spanked hard over his lap, each having to watch their friend get punished. They then are made to bend over the bed one by one for a caning: this kind of behavior is not to be tolerated! It’s so unfair, the girls really didn’t do it! For once, the pleading girls ARE telling the truth. But then where did the bill come from? Surely it was a mistake!” See more click here!

Mar 142018







Awesome three movie update today from FIRM HAND SPANKING featuring three of my favourite spanked gals in Belinda Lawson, Camilla Scott and Amelia Jane Rutherford. Enjoy these free previews and click here for more

Mar 092018

ella hughes spanking

Northern Spanking USA are back with a terrific new Ella Hughes spank movie! Aleesha Fox is very protective of her husband or, more accurately, her husbands generous salary as a travelling salesman for a prestigeous pharmaceutical firm. It is 1980 and very recently a new sales assistant, Ella, has joined the firm and promptly turned all the salesmens heads. Indeed there is fierce competition to have her along as assistant on long business trips. There is concern among the wives. This concern is about just how those long motorway miles in the Ford Cortina (with its brushed nylon back seat) and those dull nights in the Trusthouse Forte (with their double-wide beds) are alleviated by having young, sexy, redhead Ella along for the ride. As the senior wife, Aleesha determines to confront the little strumpet and invites her round to her executive home for coffee and tarts. This is what happens… Click here for a free preview gallery!

Mar 092018

alison miller spanking

Okay, this rustles my jimmies and no mistake. Alison Miller shows off her best side with a terrific movie from FIRM HAND SPANKING where she gets her awesome bubble butt arse soundly spanked and paddled in a tight pair of denim jeans. Denim spanked babes for the fucking win guys! Click here for more pix and a preview clip from Alison’s new movie!

Mar 082018


Hiya gang, how’s it going this dull grey afternoon? Mondays suck the big one. Anyway, here’s the latest update from NORTHERN SPANKING. Suspecting that all is not going well with Milas ballet lessons at the hands of Mme Amelia, Stephen decides to pay a visit. Appalled at the attitude and methods of the Dame, he decides that she needs a lesson in discipline and her pointer stick will make a very useful cane! Having suffered a surprising but not unexpected change of heart about her future career, Stephen finds it necessary to teach a lesson on focusing the mind to Mila, by means of a soundly smacked bottom at bedtime. View an exclusive free pix gallery click here!

Mar 082018


A nice erotically moody spanking shot with Clover Rock, Nimue Allen and Stephen Lewis in a new NORTHERN SPANKING movie called “Rules of the House.” Clover lifts her skirt as she watches her friend getting spanked otk in a scene from part 2 of 6 in this photo series. Really like this one and NS has over 10 years and hundreds of movies and galleries to check out in their members section, so if you join you get access to some of the best domestic spanking erotica out there. Good to see they’re going to update their main page soon as the one they have now is a bit bland. Click here to visit NORTHERN SPANKING!

Feb 262018

Oooo, a new Northern Spanking preview gallery with Alex Reynolds and the awesome Harley Havik. This is a delightful little film, written by Alex and capturing the spirit of an almost-disappeared part of American tradition; the County Faire. Harley is writing in her diary and looking forward to the County Faire later that day at which, everyone has told her, she is sure to win the Faire Princess crown and be recognised as the prettiest girl in the County. Everyone, that is, except Alex who has been pipped to the title three years running and is in no mood to see it happen again! Her writing and her happy mood is interrupted by Alex herself. She has decided to ensure her victory over Harley, by means of a spanking, a hairbrush and a very bad attitude! Click here for more!

Feb 252018

uk-spanking uk-spanking-1

ENGLISH SPANKERS update. Bonnie gets an over tights and bare ass otk spanking from Miss Sarah in this new spanking movie from ES. A new series for English Spankers featuring young ladies sent to see Miss Sarah Stern because of their bad behaviour or because their partners think they need that extra bit of discipline. Bonnie is the first unfortunate and she will find herself bent over Sarah’s knee being spanked first on her tights and panties and then on the bare bottom. The hardest spanking hand around will soon bring forth some remorse in this young lady Loads of FREE pix of Bonnie being spanked in an exclusive gallery click here!

Feb 232018

spanking ginger

Wow, what an awesome spanking photo from the latest update onsite at the long running Northern Spanking USA. Check out Ginger as she tastes the crop across her huuuuuuuuuuuuge backside whilst wearing ultra sexy lingerie. Click here to visit this great spanking website!

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