Jan 152018
Navy promotion for Dani Daniels and she gets to spank Melanie Taylor!
The tables are turned in Naval Discipline after stunning Dani Daniels is promoted and gets to put beautiful Melanie Taylor over her knee for a spanking. Her offense? Belching at a formal naval dinner. Seriously? Melanie’s bottom is humiliatingly bared and
spanked red. There’s also hilarious behind-the-scenes footage with Dani and Melanie!
Alison Miller gets her comeuppance in her new series Casino Dealer Discipline
Crooked casino dealer Alison Miller gets her comeuppance with a bottom-jiggling bare spanking in her new series Casino Dealer Discipline. Owner Earl Grey discover financial discrepancies at her table, and he gets to the bottom of it – literally. Alison’s cheeks bounce as he bares them for a resounding spanking to get to the truth. Will it work?
A booty born to be spanked: Dani bends over a desk to have her bottom tanned
Navy disciplinarian Richard Anderson is back to spank Dani Daniels’ perfect bottom in a new series of Naval Discipline. He’s a retired navy officer who handles behavior issues by spanking cadets’ bottoms! Dani bends over his desk to present her delicious derriere to be spanked for missing navy swim team training. Hot slow-mo cheek jiggling replay!

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Jan 142018


Bare bottom attitude adjustment for Corinne Hopkins with a hand and belt
Reform Academy principal Eric Strickman has a perfect way to adjust the attitude of bratty student Corinne Hopkins with his hand and a belt on her bare bottom. Reluctantly bent over the end of her bed, those bouncing cheeks turn red from the belt as she learns respect. “I was surprised how much the leather stung!” confessed the newbie.
Fast and furious paddling, bare bottom, as Belinda Lawson provokes Earl Grey
Beautiful Belinda Lawson reports for more corporal punishment as part of her quest for guidance in Asking For It. The blistering, cheek rippling, flesh reddening leather paddle follows a short, sharp hand spanking. Belinda can’t resist provoking Earl Grey, who’s furious response is to increase the speed and force of his paddle on her bare bottom!
Tears from the tawse: Dani Daniels strapped for being absent without permission
Bent over a desk for military punishment, legs kicking, stunning naval cadet Dani Daniels grits her teeth as a leather strap is laid across her bare bottom in Naval Discipline. When the tears start to flow, Richard Anderson carries on until she learns the severity of leaving base without leave. Amazing Reaction Cam shots as Dani cries. “I was determined not to quit,” she reveals, “but that strap seriously got to me.”
Jan 132018

english arse spanking

It’s a miserable dull grey Monday outside but here in Yeowch HQ we’re in a good mood as Sarah has just emailed us her brand new spanking movie for you all to check out. Watch Amy get in trouble with Mr Stern in his kitchen and end up bent over the sink, skirt raised, knickers down, and about to get her peachy arse soundly spanked hard. See more previews in an exclusive free pix gallery – click here!

Jan 112018

amelia jane rutherford

Two hot women going at it in this cool new movie from Sarah Bright. Sophie is having  a friendly chat with Amelia Jane Rutherford at the house of correction, a sort of reassuring welcome. She tells her about the harsh punishments that are handed out here and offers to demonstrate so that Amelia is not shocked when it happens to her. The spanking turns into a real hard nasty bitch type punishment that does not please Amelia and leaves her with a red and sore bottom.  Click here for a free preview!

Jan 112018

lexi ellis spanked lexi ellis spanking lexi ellis spanked

More today from the excellent Sarah Gregory and her spanking friends! Lexi Ellis is not yet 21 years old and has been caught drinking. Her older brother is furious when she asks him to pick her up from jail, hoping it’ll be better than calling their parents. Nonetheless he picks her up and decides to give her a very hard spanking as a punishment. Lexi gets spanks OTK on the bare bottom and even gets a hairbrush spanking.  Click here for an exclusive Lexi gallery!

Jan 102018

amateur spanking


OHMYGOSHK – two of my favourite babes spanked in the same spanking movie! REAL LIFE SPANKINGS latest update features blonde bombshell Leandra and sultry beauty Scarlett as a pair of late home party girls in big trouble from tough spanker Mike who gives them both a good hard spanking. Excellent movie. Click here to check it out!

*Best wishes to Mike and Kelly. Get well soon, Mike!

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