Feb 032018

firm hand spanking amelia jane rutherford

birching amelia jane rutherford

spanking victorian ass

FIRM HAND CLASSICS: “What the Dickens!” – click here for preview clip.

Here’s one of my favourite movies from FIRM HAND SPANKING with an awesome Victorian theme and starring the hugely spankable Amelia Jane Rutherford getting a hard birching.

Jutting bare bottom perfectly presented, Amelia Rutherford returns with Nikki Flynn in the classic period series What the Dickens? Amelia is birched for flaunting her body: Christian Fennington soon has her yelping from the sting as the springy rods bite into her cheeks. Nikki looks on nervously, as she knows it’s her turn next. Perfect pairing!

Jan 232018







A new old retro movie has just been added to the excellent archive at 1st CHOICE CLASSIC SPANKING MOVIES called “PAINFUL PROTESTING” with two girls on the recieving end of a harsh spanking, paddling and caning punishment session. Her Ladyship is extremely depressed, having found out that it has been decided that a bypass is to be rerouted through her state. Her butler James informs her, to her further annoyance, that two of her staff had taken part in the protest that led to this happening. James summons the girls before her to explain their actions. A rather boyish young girl explains that she is a regular protester and had corrupted the other maid into a treetop demonstration to save the nearby forest. Her Ladyship is fuming and spends no time in placing the girls over her knee for a full-on spanking session. She then sends James to the scullery to fetch her paddles and canes, which they both use fiercely before sending the girls to the bath with very sore bottoms.  CLICK HERE to watch a preview trailer.

Dec 052017

naughty secretary spanked

Crikey. Now that is a big mature arse and no mistake. What better way to deal with his naughty secretary than for her boss to give sed bottom a good spanking followed by a quick doze of his bendy cane. More hot spanking pix from this great NORTHERN SPANKING series at the link below.


Nov 192017


1st choice spanking

classic spanking

classic spanking

classic spanking

Huh. Typical. There’s the randy old bugger flirting with a couple of cute floozies when the girlfriend finds out about their little games. To his – and their – surprise, his lass decides to teach the two slappers a painful lesson by way of a good spanking, paddling and caning! This cool retro movie is the latest update at the excellent 1st Choice Spanking – home to many classic English spanking movies. Click here to watch a preview trailer!

Nov 182017

classic english spankings  classic spanking movies


classic spanking movies  classic spanking movies


classic spanking movies  classic spanking movie

   BAD HEADMASTER                           NOTHING BUT TROUBLE

classic spanking movies

A selection of the latest retro classic English spanking movies from this awesome website.

Oct 272017

spanking sophie fennington

spanking sophie fennington

sophie fennington caning

caning sophie fennington

There are classic spank movies and then there are “classic” spanking movies. “CANINGS AND COLD SHOWERS.” starring the wonderful SOPHIE FENNINGTON is most definitely one that goes in the latter category. First came across Sophie in her first photoshoot with JANUS spank mag over 20 years ago (yikes!!) and she became an instant personal favourite not only of me but many spank fans. It’s only through the Internet that I’ve managed to catch up with her movies and as expected they are fantastic. A treat for those of us who remember the spanking stone age with fond memories. PLEASE CLICK HERE to check out this and many more classic spanking movies.

classic spanking moviess

Oct 092017

classic english spanking

sexy spanking movie

Retro spank fans are in for a treat as the excellent 1st CHOICE SPANKING have just uploaded another classic spank movie to their website. Called “Caned with Honours”, this is a terrific movie which features two hot spanking scenes – one of which is shown above and is my favourite as the spanking in it is awesome with the lady looking stunning in her sexy stockings and suspenders. There’s a preview movie on the website to check out. PLEASE CLICK HERE to visit 1st CHOICE SPANKING.

Sep 262017

Been watching a few of my favourite classic spank films at HOT MOVIES and came across one called “County Sheriff’s Bad Girl Spankings” by Raven Hill Studios. Never seen the movie before but I remember seeing some pix from it in an old issue of Janus magazine a good few years back. And its GREAT!! Love the girls in this and their spankings are awesome. CLICK HERE to check out this movie.

Story: When girls break the law in this county, they either face several weeks of “community service” work, or nervously take a trip to the Sheriff’s Office for some tried and true correction, the old fashioned way – spankings! These three delightful girls are punished with lengthy, over-the-knee, bare-bottomed spankings that leave them whimpering, and their butts red and sore. Next, each embarrassed girl must take a humbling tip over Sheriff Collin’s special “paddling horse,” where they bend their naked asses way over, stick out their bare-naked bottoms, and hold on for dear life. The glistening, shiny, smooth wooden paddle drives into their shivering bottoms over and over an over again, until they tearfully admit they’ve done wrong, and pledge to never run afoul of the law in the future. This is a corporal punishment fan’s dream come true; a rare opportunity to peer into the back room of the County Sheriff’s Office to see deserving, young girls get the kind of ass-blistering spankings they’ve needed for quite some time.

HOT MOVIES is a XXX movie megasite and has a huge spanking archive with hundreds of classic spank movies to watch. CLICK HERE to check it out – just do a search for spanking in the Categories tab on the main page.

Sep 152017

retro spanking movie

classic spanking movie

classic spanking movie

classic spanking movie


The excellent 1st CHOICE SPANKING retro movie website have just added to their archive one of the imho all time great English spank movies in “Lady Vernon’s Caning Heaven 2” where two hot blondes get a right thrashing from Lady V. A must see for those of you who prefer hardcore spanking and caning erotica. Click here to watch the preview.

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