CLASSIC EROTIC MAGS: National Screw vol.1 no.1 November 1976

Blimey, this takes me back to the days when I had more hair than sense. I remember getting this first issue from a back-street video and second-hand magazine shop near Soho in London. The place specialized in selling all sorts of weird imported stuff that you could never get anywhere else. The place always smelled of tobacco and peppermints for some reason. Hope this cover brings back the old time memories for fans of old time erotica from across the pond.

CLASSIC EROTIC MAGS: Double Pleasures #2

tanya fox

tanya fox

Here’s an American oldie from the early 80’s featuring the always awesome Tanya Fox as Boss Lady Olga from Helsinki showing off her perfect ass to her fans. Most porn stars went by other names when appearing in various mags and doing xxx movies for different producers. Love Tanya. No idea what happened to her. Last seen about twenty-five years ago up in Canada somewhere.

Retro Sexy Babes: Patricia Rhomberg

patricia rhomberg

“Domestically erotically sexy” is how I’d describe the lovely Miss Rhomberg seen here in the classic German 1970 movie Josefine Mutzenbacher. A lot of early 70’s German sex movies revolved around frustrated housewives with pathetic husbands who rediscover their sexualities by having affairs with the hunky gardener or postman. Basically a hardcore version of the old UK Carry On movies with Sid James and Barbra Windsor. Come to think of it, most of my erotic fiction comes from these sort of themes and ideas.
Patricia was the star of the famous 1970’s series of German sex movies about Josephine Mutzenbacher – The Life Story of a Viennese Whore, which was an erotic novel first published anonymously in Vienna, Austria in 1906. The novel is famous in the German-speaking world, having been in print in both German and English for over 100 years and sold over 3 million copies, becoming an erotic bestseller.
 The Chambermaid scene from Josephine Mutzenbacher 1970 
Probably my favorite series of German erotic porn movies starring the awesome Patricia Rhomberg. Based on the book, there were about nine movies in all between 1970 and 1990. Well worth checking out if you have any interest in quirky Victorian style hardcore erotica.
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