Hard Red Stripe Spanking for New Girl Amber.


busty babes spanked otk spanking spank

sexy english babes spankedSPANKING  THE WELL ENDOWED ENGLISH BOT

You know what? I think this is the first time I’ve posted anything from RED STRIPE XXX SPANKING on this blog. Slapped arses all round methinks because RSXXXS is a rather neat spank blog which includes a healthy dollup of hardcore sex to its content. This site belongs to the same network as SPANKING SARAH and ENGLISH SPANKERS so you know its top quality stuff. This new movie has the rather busty chavtastic Amber taking her first spanking from Mr Meany and is a must for those of us who love first time spanking adventures. Click the pix or link to see more hot preview pix.


Doctor Discipline and the Naughty Nurse.

jenna jay spanking

NURSES! Check out the above screenshot from NORTHERN SPANKING and their new spanking HD movie “Doctor Discipline and the Lazy Nurse” with Jenna Jay as the sexy nurse getting spanked. Great big bum walloping movie. UPDATE ALERT! Oooo, just been sent a link to a free gallery of pix – click here to check it out!

Brazil 0 Spanking 135!

triple a spanking au pair spanking aaa spanking

Just one thing to say about this new TRIPLE A SPANKING update – fucking awesome! Nice one John, you lucky sob. Foul Mouthed Au Pair: Hot Brazilian Au Pair, Adriana, was still mad from the humbling night she had watched her beloved Brazil get thrashed 7-1 by eventual Champions, Germany, in the World Cup Soccer Semi Final. This made her even more surly and aggressive and her work around the house that she was looking after just went from bad to worse! John could understand the shame of one’s country affecting judgement and behaviour, after all, he was English and his national team were even worse! However, this was no excuse to behave like some jumped up foul mouthed brat and he knew she needed discipline in the old fashioned way as soon as possible. He dragged her across his lap and started spanking her which turned the air blue with Portuguese expletives… her foul mouthed ranting continued as the punishments got harder across her young bare bottom when a leather paddle and a heavy wooden hairbrush were also used to teach this feisty madame that a little humility could go a long way! If you understand Portuguese, apologies in advance for the foul potty mouthed Adriana! “Vai Brasil!” Brilliant pix and movie – click here to check them out right now dudes!

Spanking Melody Nore.




John and his gang are on a roll and here is their second awesome update for the week. Introducing Melody Nore: John has made no secret of the fact that he loves spanking redhead girls in the past, maybe it is something about their pale skin and they way their bottoms mark up so beautifully? Most redheads he has met have had an amazing tolerance of pain too, he has found! So when he met Melody at the Crimson Moon Spanking Party, he was very keen to play with her and also film a few good spanking movies for his membership! He was not disappointed… and here at Triple A, we hope you will not be too – as they made some incredible films together. This was their first and an interesting introduction as he took her over his lap for a more traditional OTK spanking over her shorts, then on her pale bare bottom before he used a special leather hand spanking strap later on… but of course, he also wanted young Melody to become a special latest addition to his infamous “Wheelbarrow Club” which you will also discover was a great finale to her first ever film at our website! Please welcome Melody, we are sure you will like her work she did with us filmed in glorious full HD1080 so you won’t miss a thing! More FREE pix in an exclusive gallery click here.

A Birthday Spanking Treat for Nurse Kami Robertson.

kami robertson spanked at northern spankingGIVING HIM A SPANKING SURPRISE FOR HIS BIRTHDAY

sexy scottish babe kami robertson spanked in her nurses uniformTHE AWESOME KAMI ROBERTSON GETS A SPANKING IN HER SEXY UNIFORM

After much deliberation and consideration, I think that the delightful Kami Robertson has the best bum on this side of the pond. Its pretty much darn near perfect and to have it showcased when she’s dressed as a nurse in sexy lingerie is as good as it gets as far as I’m concerned. These fantastic pix are from NORTHERN SPANKING and are a small selection from an old four part gallery in their huge archive called “His Birthday Treat.” and dates fromFebruary 2009 so you can see how far their stuff goes back. Most of their spanking erotica is based on classic traditional scenario’s and is all the better for it. No messing around – straight down to spanking business with some of the best and hottest girls in the UK spank scene. Can’t recommend NORTHERN SPANKING highly enough. Become a member and enjoy a great spanking website.


The Man from the Spanking Ministry.

english spankers mature spank2 english spankers

Terrific new update at Sarah Brights excellent English Spankers with a hot ass spanking for fans of more mature ladies getting spanked and punished. When the man from the ministry calls a lady does not expect to find herself over his knees with her panties down having her bare bottom well spanked and paddled. That though is exactly what happened when the inspector from the drivers agency called to see Suzanne. She was well out of line and he did give her a number of choices before she decided to take this very painful punishment. Could it be that she would enjoy it a little too much.  Click here to check out this excellent themed website.

Sexy Nurse Sarah Strapped with the Razor Strop.

nurse sarah punished with the razor strop

Well, it’s about time we saw Sarah getting her fine firm bum punished while dressed as a lycra clad nurse in fishnet stockings. Some things are worth the wait and this new exclusive gallery from her fandabbydozey site is definitely well worth the wait. As Sarah says – mature bottoms are the best!! So here she is getting her rump larumped by Mr Meanie’s mean razor strop as he makes her bend over the arm of the sofa and stick her petunia as high as she can. By the time he’s finished her bot is seven shades of red with the odd purple bruise thrown in for good measure. Hot English spanking action at its very best and well worth checking out by clicking the photo’s or links below. Here’s a sample of the goodies on offer…


Check out the gallery at the link above. Check out her fab site at the link below:


Spanking Story: “Bye Bye Miss American Pie.”

It was Friday night and the big city blues were in full swing. Amidst the swirl of alcohol and misty tobacco I was with a few of the (motley) crew from lower south side getting totally blitzed on cheap vodka and snakebites as we sat listening to the sound of rebellion coming from the Fat Larry jukebox.

Call me Joe by the way. At last count I’m 25 going on 40. Looks wise I’m tall, dark but nothing special at all. Anyway, I looked better in the shadows. In the shadows is what I do best these days. Give me a dark corner away from the bright city lights any time. Nothing beats living and riding on the cutting edge of twilight as day turns to dusk. No rules – No responsibility is my motto. Look after number one. Friday night was the night to hang loose with the band and watch the underworld come to life whilst listening to jumping jack flash having a gas gas gas.

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Wonder Woman Spanked!

superhero spanking

Her super powers ain’t gonna stop this babe from getting a good firm ass spanking until her butt is really hot and sore!Wonder Booty Spanking: Please meet Christina Carter… you may have seen her as the best dressed fetish super-heroine, Wonder Woman, among some of her many wonderful cosplay & fetish fantasies she helps fulfill at her own website ChristinaBound.com – Have you ever thought what it would be like to spank a naughty superhero having an “off day?” Well, your luck is in as Christina was supposed to be meeting her man, Johnny, downstairs at a fetish and spanking event but she was ignoring his messages on her phone and far from ready! When Johnny got back to their room to ask what was going on it was obvious she wanted to play and be his naughty brat for a bit so he took her naked over his lap, with just her trademark WW hair band in place and he gave her booty some loving with his hand. This was not a punishment spanking, how could he after she accepted that she needed some attention? You’ll see this couple’s real chemistry as Johnny hits the right spots with his hand making her booty a delicious cherry red! This is an exclusive hot M/F spanking video for Triple A members!  More exclusive super pix gallery here!

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