Jun 292015

Oh fuck, another gorgeous new girl to have naughty spanking dreams over at Northern Spanking USA. Say hello to Linny Lace and her awesome bum and watch her get a bare assed spanking and strapping in her first movie for NS. A new Yeowch firm favourite cutie! Brand new so no preview gallery yet so pix only available to members – more info click here.

Jun 262015

luna luna1

She is SO cute! Fresh faced Luna wants a spanking in English Spankers latest spank movie and will do anything to get one! “Luna was not new to being spanked when we got to interview her, she had already made a couple of films with Spanking Sarah so she was quite well aware of what a good hard spanking was. We wanted to know a bit about her and how she got into the world of CP and spanking and think you will also be fascinated by just what turns this lovely young lady on. Despite all the chat she did end up being well spanked, you will see from her reaction that it was a painful experience even if she did want it.”  Check Luna out here!

Jun 242015

harley havik

Northern Spanking go way out west in their latest photoshoot with new girl Harley Havik on the receiving end of a good old fashioned bum walloping. ” Young Harley has a tendency towards exploring, and her habit of wandering around while daydreaming gets her into trouble once in a while. This time, she found her way onto the Kennedy property, despite several warnings in the past to keep off his land! Having spotted her, he came out immediately, equipped with a stinging, leather paddle. Despite her rather feeble protests and excuses, she soon found herself bent over and getting her flowing skirt lifted for a hard spanking, followed by quite a thorough application of said paddle. Her round, little bottom was glowing red as the fresh, outdoor air made each swat sting even more. After all, Harley must learn to respect the rules set by everyone in her community, and punishment was quite severe in the olden days!” Awesome and Harley is great. Hundreds of galleries and movies in their members archive – visit NS here.

Jun 172015


Welcome to another spanktastic update from me and an awesome post from the brilliant USA website Triple A Spanking. “Katie’s Little Accident: Katie had been spanked at school earlier that day for multiple behavioral infractions so she was nervous about a decision she took with her additional home punishment when it was revealed that she had not learnt one of her lessons by deliberately wearing bright pink panties as continued defiance of strict rules. This had infuriated John and he told her to wait in the kitchen whilst he went off to find some harder implements of correction. Katie got to feel leather and hard wooden paddles across her cheeks before being sent to bed early.” See a free preview gallery here.

Jun 112015
Bad Schoolgirl spanking

Bad Schoolgirl spanking

Ain’t done a Northern Spanking exclusive gallery for a while so here’s their latest awesome new movie “After School” cosplay mature schoolgirl treat. “Alex Reynolds, a senior student at an excellent school has been hired to tutor the much younger, distractible Dorothy Burnett. Her parents hope that this will help her focus, and improve her grades. Having have assured Alex that she can do whatever it takes to make this happen. One of the benefits of being older is that Alexs school has an open campus and, one afternoon during her lunch break, she visited the local ice cream shop. There, she saw Dorothy hanging out with her friends when she was clearly supposed to be in class. When Alex arrived to give Dorothy her lessons, Dorothy told her that she mysteriously had no homework, for any class. When Alex pushed further, Dorothy still did not admit that she had not been at school and tried to lie her way out. Finally, Alex had enough and told her what she knew. The younger girl was far from contrite, complaining and whining about how much she disliked school. She soon had much more to complain about, as Alex explained that she felt that the best way to get through to her charge would be to put her over her lap for a good spanking! Alex obviously enjoyed exercising her authority over tiny Dorothy, and she smacked her petite bottom until it was red and swollen. Dorothy was clearly a stranger to this kind of punishment and she squirmed and squealed over Alexs lap as the spanking continued on. When Alex let her up finally, her discipline was not completed: instead it was to grab her hairbrush out of her school bag and make Dorothy bend over the table for further, more painful consequences, all the while being scolded about her bad behavior and how she needed to take things more seriously. When Alex was satisfied that she had taught a lesson, she sent Dorothy to work on studying with her panties around her ankles and her bare, marked bottom on display to further drive her point home. Hopefully we will see some improvements in Dorothys work… and hopefully her parents really told her tutor she could do whatever she needed to do! Alex did seem a bit nervous that someone might come home, after all!” Phew! See the gallery here!

Jun 082015

bunspank bunspank1 bunspank2

Holy Pope on a tightrope, Batman! Check out blonde babe Mya in the latest bad girl spanking update at Greg’s awesome Bun Beating Fun USA putting on a show for the viewers. LOVE his movies. No fucking around. BAM. Hardcore spanking! Great site and really needs to update more often but what’s on there is great. Guys, click here and go check it out.

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