Aug 172017

Here we go with all the latest updates from the excellent USA spank site FIRM HAND SPANKING.

Alcohol and sororities don’t mix – so it’s a sound spanking for a college senior
Exotic, statuesque Alex Laurent knows the rules and enjoys a drink as she’s over 21. But when she offers alcohol to a freshman, they both get a spanking from house mother Alison Miller in Sorority Sisters. “I hated that ping pong paddle so much,” admits Alex. “The sting was a lot worse than a I expected and my bottom was on fire fast!”
Newbie college girl Laurel Brooks has her bare bottom soundly spanked
Pledging for a college sorority has its rituals including corporal punishment as initiation. For freshman Laurel Brooks, the prospect of a spanking in her pledge school uniform is even more alarming when Alison Miller pulls down her panties to bare her jiggling, round rear for a spanking: “It was surprising and embarrassing to be bare butt like that!”
A bare bottom spanking to make Alison Miller’s eyes water in Spanking Challenge
We all know Alison Miller can take a spanking! Now Natalie Rose challenges her to take multiple implements in a fearsome challenge, including a wooden hairbrush, leather and wooden paddles, kitchen spatulas, a riding crop, multiple straps and a cane. Now that’s some butt whipping! Will Alison’s bouncing bare bottom survive such a sound tanning?

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Aug 162017


Juliet was detained by the police for spray painting public property. She is released into the custody of her dad, David, but she still has a heavy price to pay for the damage done. She is given a firm strapping before being made to return to the scene to start cleaning up the graffiti. More hot m/f spanking action from a nice little site called PUNISHED BRATS – and it does exactly wot it says on the tin!!


Aug 162017

aaa spanking

aaa spanking

aaa spanking girls

ANYONE remember the nit nurse that used to visit your little school back when you were a nipper? I sure do and she sure as fuck didn’t look as hot as nit nurse Leandra James in this awesome new movie at AAA SPANKING. Nope, from memory, my nit nurse had blimps for boobs and had an arse like the back end of a battleship – which is no bad thing at all lol. Fancy seeing more? Then CLICK HERE for more amazing preview pix and how to view the whole movie.

Aug 152017

danielle hunt spanked otk

danielle hunt well spanked otkDanielle Hunt spanked otk with her pj’s down!

danielle hunt porn star spankedA well spanked young lady and her fabbo bum

Blimey, this sexy babe has been in more spanking movies lately than I’ve had hot dinners. But no matter as she’s one of the top spankee’s in spankdom right now and loves getting her rather juicy arse well spanked with a spanking otk. Here’s her latest magnus-spankus from those lucky bastards at AAA SPANKING. As with all their films it’s top spanking stuff and all in HI-DEFINITION so you can get all the intimate details in perfect clarity. This new movie has Danielle in trouble with her Step Dad who orders her across his lap just before bedtime for a proper English spanking – minus her jimmy-jammy bottoms. Excellent spanking and great fun to watch as her bum gets hotter and hotter. Check out this new spank movie at their website.

OOOooo hang on, LATEST NEWS UPDATE FROM AAA SPANKING: “ZOINKS – win a pair of Danielle’s panties that she wore for this movie at their site right now!!” – Crikey, imagine winning those and putting them in a frame above your fireplace. Great conversation opener when your Auntie Marge and Uncle Reg pops around for tea. So if you fancy a chance of winning Danielle Hunt’s naughty undies then get your butt’s over to AAA SPANKING asap.


aaa spanking

Aug 152017






Thanks to the delightful Clare Fonda for the latest updates to her  rather splendid spanking network of top quality websites. If you’re a big fan of girl on girl spanking action then her sites are as good as any around. Check them out by clicking the links under each photo. Have fun!!

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Aug 142017

real life spankings for danielle huntREAL LIFE AMATEUR SPANKINGS

Danielle spanking Monique

real life spanking for danielle hunt and monique

Monique spanking Danielle.

What happens when you put two naughty girls together in a room and leave them alone for a short while? Well, they end up playing hot spanking games of course! Doh. These preview pix are from the latest update at REAL LIFE SPANKINGS, a site dedicated to awesome amateur babes and botties getting spanked hard and a whole lot more. RLS is from the same guy who runs SPANKED IN UNIFORM which is another terrific spanking website. If ya love your spank movies and gals to be real and raw then definitely check out this excellent niche website. Click pix or link below.


Aug 132017

nrothern spanking

A pair of lazy chambermaids are the latest victims of the travelling disciplinarian and his spanking ways in part 3 of this big ass spanking 4 part series from top UK spank site NORTHERN SPANKING. With Alex Reynolds, Heather Green and Stephen Lewis this is a fun classy movie told with style and a lot of bum spanking action. Movie is exclusive to their members in their huge archive – click here to check out this great website.

Aug 122017

On Susan Major’s desk the telephone rang.

She glanced at it with a frown. That was all she needed. Didn’t the world and their ape know that she was up to her eyebrows in work and with a never-ending pile of more work that stretched to the dim and distant horizon to be done? Why is there never a temp around when you need one? Hopefully, whoever it was would just go away if she ignored it.

The telephone rang again – this time it sounded more insistent as if complaining to her that “Hey, you’re not the only one working here – I am too so pick me up!”

Susan sighed and ran her hand through her thick brown hair. All the other staff in the office had their heads down and noses to the grindstone judging by the click and clatter of fingers on keys. The telephone rang angrily again. Whoever was on the other end of the line just could not take a hint. Irritated, she picked it up. “Hello?” she said sharply. No one answered. All she could hear was a silent static. Maybe someone was having a joke. Playing games. If they were it wasn’t bloody funny at all. “Hello?” she said again, this time more forcefully. “Is there anyone there?”

More static. Well, she was in no mood for this sort of crap. As she was about to bang the telephone down suddenly someone said “Are you a bad girl?”

Surprised, Susan froze and glanced quickly around to see if anyone was looking at her. Especially the men in the room for the voice was so very deeply masculine in tone. Nope, no one was taking the least bit notice of her. She should by rights hang up – but she didn’t. She pressed the phone to her ear and muttered. “Who is this?”

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