Jul 242016


And here we go with another exclusive gallery at Northern Spanking for you guys to check out. A bus station is a bad place for good girls to hang out! When eighteen year old Rosie Ann’s parents got a call from her best friends family letting them know that the girls were caught hanging out among the crowd of delinquents there, Rosy was definitely in trouble. Like most girls her age in the nineteen eighties, she was no stranger to getting her bottom smacked but, this time, she was in bigger trouble than that. This time, she was going to get the cane. Having mostly been a good girl, Rosie had never been punished this way before, and she was scared and nervous from the moment she saw the thick, rattan implement. Being mostly good, she did not protest against the punishment she knew she deserved. Her round little bottom was soundly spanked until it glowed red through her white school knickers while she grimaced and whimpered. Then she was ordered to kneel up on the bed, presenting herself for the harsher discipline she required for being such a wayward, naughty girl. What followed was a hard caning, with each stroke biting into her tender cheeks and making her lunge forward, trying to escape the pain that never seemed to stop growing. The strokes were hard, and they did not get any softer when she whimpered and cried out: she needed to learn a lesson. Once Rosie had been properly beaten, she collapsed on the bed, her red and swollen bottom sticking up. Rosie promised that she will not be caught in the bus station again. Hopefully, she will not need another visit from the cane! Good stuff and you can  View the gallery here!

Jul 242016

pandora blake dream of spanking

LUSTY BUSTY MILA Khol reveals her OUTSTANDING assets in the latest update from PANDORA BLAKES romantic cosplay website DREAMS OF Spanking. What an ARSE this girl has got and it makes for the perfect wet SPANKING movie which is great fun and very erotic to watch.

DREAMS OF SPANKING: “BUBBLES” – click here for more!

Jul 232016

triple a spanking

Another super sexy update from John at TRIPLE A SPANKING. 

Caught Faking It: This is to be 20 year old Mishka’s last ever appearance anywhere on the internet so we saved this humiliation special which featured a twisted home domestic discipline style film with a difference. Mishka was caught out faking an illness once too often so the only way to be sure she was telling the truth was to inform her she’d get a rather humiliating rectal temperature taking if anyone thought she was making things up but of course she would deny this and try to avoid being caught out but the Digital Thermometer never lied with the numerous normal readings. Again, Mishka was given the option this time of owning up and just getting out of bed but she refused and failed the honesty test once more and assumed the position she was accustomed to, on all fours, bottom out for a spanking and strapping across her bared cheeks first thing in the morning! One could almost imagine that it was her intention that she be treated in this way. Such a naughty young lady, we shall miss showing her off so please wish Mishka a “fond farewell” in this naughty rude explicit “Spanking Finale”. More free pix in an exclusive gallery here.

Jul 222016

johdpurs spanking1

Caroline Grey and Amelia Jane Rutherford in tight jodhpurs!

johdpurs spanking2

Nearly as good as seeing a nice big set of girly bumcheeks packed into a pair of tight denim jeans is seeing a nice big set of girly bumcheeks packed into a pair of tight jodhpurs! PANDORA BLAKE and her DREAMS OF SPANKING are of like mind in their latest movie with Caroline Grey and Amelia Jane Rutherford getting the riding crop over their equestrian pair of pants. Very sexy. Like this one a lot – for more preview pix and a clip CLICK HERE!

Jul 222016

french maid spanking

Another cute update from the excellent Northern Spanking USA with sexy babe Bambi roleplaying as a French maid in trouble.Bambi and Alex are college girls sharing a house. Keen to help with the rent, Bambi has got a new part time job as a ‘private maid’, a position she saw advertised in a newspaper. Returning home, she announces this fact and sheepishly shows her uniform to Alex, seeking her approval. What she gets is anything but! What, exactly, is a ‘private maid’? How can she clean someone elses house, IF that’s what she’s supposed to be doing, when this place looks like THIS?! Alex decides to try her out, makes her put on the uniform and gets her to tidy up. Her efforts are less than successful and Alex punishes Bambi for that and for her naivete. . Click here for a free gallery of preview photo’s!

Jul 222016

english spanking lexi (9)

english spanking lexi (16)

Charlie and Lexie are in trouble, they have been stealing money which should have gone to the grandmother, now she is dead and still they are taking the money. Lexie is now alone with the irate home help. She has just had her first ever beating and she is not a happy girl. A cane is produced and she is lectured and it is explained to her that she is to be caned until she can’t take any more. This is her very first caning and there is no holding back. She agrees that punishment is called for and takes every stroke. She screams and shouts but to no avail, the strokes keep coming. Click here to watch a free hot preview clip from this ENGLISH SPANKERS movie!

Jul 212016

aaa spanking

aaa spanking

aaa spanking leandra


The Hangover Cure: Leandra had far too much to drink the night before her all day filmshoot so John wasn’t best pleased when he came into her room to find her still in bed sleeping off the start of what looked alike a bad hangover! He knew excactly what to do and gave Leandra a morning wake up call across his lap with his hard stinging hands across her bared bottom. Leandra could hardly put up a fight and she knew that she was in the wrong so reluctantly let him punish her early for being the foolish drunk the night before! Watch her bottom glow red with shame quickly once her pyjamas were pulled down revealing those pert spankable cheeks! Features some great 2 way POV mirror action and a sexy self sore bottom rubbing scene during her cornertime at the end of the film!  Click here for more free preview pix of this new AAA movie.

Jul 212016

yeowch spanking blog


Aggggh!! Must stop checking out hot red headed babes who love being spanked whilst got the laptop perched just above the old Crown Jewels. Whoa, look at those sox. Now those are proper sox you keep rolled up no matter what you get up to. Be like spanking Alice in Wonderland and how much fun would that be. So here we have NORTHERN SPANKING’S latest update featuring their newest naughty girl Scarlot Rose who looks absolutely tremendous in these preview pix. These are great and more can be seen in their huge members section – see what I did there – HUGE MEMBERs – arf – or maybe not. Wow, is she hot.

spanking english babe scarlot rose at yeowch spanking blog


Jul 202016

danielle hunt spanked otk

danielle hunt well spanked otkDanielle Hunt spanked otk with her pj’s down!

danielle hunt porn star spankedA well spanked young lady and her fabbo bum

Blimey, this sexy babe has been in more spanking movies lately than I’ve had hot dinners. But no matter as she’s one of the top spankee’s in spankdom right now and loves getting her rather juicy arse well spanked with a spanking otk. Here’s her latest magnus-spankus from those lucky bastards at AAA SPANKING. As with all their films it’s top spanking stuff and all in HI-DEFINITION so you can get all the intimate details in perfect clarity. This new movie has Danielle in trouble with her Step Dad who orders her across his lap just before bedtime for a proper English spanking – minus her jimmy-jammy bottoms. Excellent spanking and great fun to watch as her bum gets hotter and hotter. Check out this new spank movie at their website.

OOOooo hang on, LATEST NEWS UPDATE FROM AAA SPANKING: “ZOINKS – win a pair of Danielle’s panties that she wore for this movie at their site right now!!” – Crikey, imagine winning those and putting them in a frame above your fireplace. Great conversation opener when your Auntie Marge and Uncle Reg pops around for tea. So if you fancy a chance of winning Danielle Hunt’s naughty undies then get your butt’s over to AAA SPANKING asap.


aaa spanking

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