Jun 282016

spanking sam johnson

Let’s go through the “what makes a spanking really fucking hot!” checklist: Cute sexy babe – check. Short Tartan Skirt – check. Snug fit white panties – check. Knee high sox – check. Absolutely top marks for this awesome photo from the NORTHERN SPANKING archives featuring one of my all time favourite girls, Sam Johnson. A little kitchen sink drama ends with Sam getting her perfect arse nicely spanked in and out of her panties. And just what is that thing lurking on the table for afters?! Hmmmmm. Great stuff and if you want to see the whole gallery in their huge members – arf – section then PLEASE CLICK HERE for further info. Ignore the main page as its a bit bland and out of date but take it from me, there is a ton of stuff to see and download for members and the website content is updated each week.

Jun 272016

paingate women spanking

spanking whipped women

Tears before bedtime for this mature student who finds herself at the mercy of a German caning across her firm buttocks. WHIPPED WOMEN is a new site to YEOWCH2 and covers the more severe forms of spanking and impliment punishments given to naughty women. Hardcore stuff for those of you who prefer this type of spanking erotica. Love her boots!


hardcore whipped women

Jun 262016

Just added to the huge spanking movie section at the excellent HOT MOVIES is a cute little domestic drama called “The Spanking Game” from Real Spanking Videos and its a really fun watch. Leah and Harry make a great spanking couple. Leah and her boyfriend are playing an innocent game of cribbage. Leah states the game is boring and suggests an alternative form of play. The Spanking Game “Object is simple.” She says, “Make me weep and you get a slave for the day. No tears then you are my slave for the same period.” Leah then gets subjected to some over-the-knee action with hand, hairbrush and strap, then after that ordeal Leah is bent over the purposely built “Spanking Horse”. See Leah being swatted with whips, paddles (both leather and wood), riding crop and cane. Does she shed tears? The caning she received drew platelets. Did that make Leah weep? The wooden paddle actually gets broken on her ass. Still does she shed a tear? Check it out and thousands more great and classic spanking movies – click here.

Jun 252016

northern babes spanked otkJENNA JAY LOVES TO BE SPANKED OTK

classic english spanking otkPIX COURTESY OF NORTHERN SPANKING

hot sexy women spanked and punished jenna jayBOTTOMS UP FOR NEW GIRL JENNA JAY AT NORTHERN SPANKING

NORTHERN SPANKING have a smashing update from their excellent traditional spanking website. Meet the rather spankable Jenna Jay who is a real life submissive with a love of all things botty warming. As you can see from these exclusive pix, she’s a very attractive young lady who for some inexplicable reason is made to go over her spankers lap for a good old hand spanking over her tight knickers. Spectacular arse which deserves to be spanked worshipped by one and all. See more of this new lady by clicking the pix or link below – NORTHERN SPANKING has oodles of spanking goodies for those that join their huge member (arf) section.


Jun 242016

sexy jennie spanked from kane magazine


hot english babe spanked and caned from kane magazine


Jennie was on the cover of the first issue of KANE I ever bought and over time she became a firm spankee favourite of mine and loads of other spank fans here in the UK. She appeared in a number of issues with photos taken from her video shoots which made them seem more special somehow. Real live women being spanked WOW!! From memory, Jennie used to be George Harrison-Marks secretary and looked like she was having a great time being spanked by said gentleman and his friends. She sort of disappeared from KANE after awhile and I always wondered what had happened to her.

Jun 242016

aleesha fox spanking

spanking aleesha fox


Mature girls classroom roleplay games with hot assed USA spank star Aleesha Fox getting down to only her fishnet tights for a hardcore bare bottomed spanking from stern lesbo spanker Jade Reece who looks scary as fuck in her red shooz! This is part 2 of 3 HD movie and is great fun for fans of mature women spanking. CLICK HERE for more info at the brilliant NORTHERN SPANKING.

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