Oct 172017

belinda-lawson-spanking-2 belinda-lawson-spanking-3 belinda-lawson-spanking-4

FIRM HAND SPANKING babe Belinda Lawson looks good enough to spank in her new movie where she has to bend over for 12 hard smacks from the paddle over her awesomely tight denim jeans. Dunno about you guys, but seeing a decent sized ass in denim bending over is the spanking business. More here including a free preview clip!

Oct 162017

erica scott spanking

One of spankdom’s star spanked ladies appears in this cool spanking movie from Triple A Spanking. Watch Erica Scott get her mature butt soundly spanked and tail tawsed by John Osbourne. “Erica Scott & John Osborne were partners who were attending a large National Spanking Party. Erica had asked John to warm her up and give her bottom a nice glow to start off the evening. Everything was going well until she mentioned the name of a man in a moment of pleasure that John had forbidden Erica to associate with. He was beyond disappointed and very angry. The direction of this warm up changed from affection to one of a real punishment as Erica’s panties were pulled down roughly and John started to use the leather straps more forcefully, following through and using wooden implements such as the hairbrush and paddle that he knew Erica really disliked! She was scolded and severely chastised in this very real punishment that Erica later admitted had got inside her headspace, bringing her to remorse and tears!”  View a great gallery of preview pix right here!

Oct 152017

cheerleader spankings

cheerleader spanking cheerleader spanking cheerleader spanking cheerleader spanking

Always cool to see a brand new spanking website and here we have a real sexy one for those of us who love women spanked in kinky uniforms. Sarah Gregory has added CHEERLEADER SPANKINGS to her site network and is already adding some great new spanking movies featuring some of your spanking favourites. Click here to take a look around!

Oct 142017

yeowch spanking blog


Anyone up for a bit of femdom spanking fun? Here’s part 3 of 4 in NORTHERN SPANKINGS cool new female only spank movie that stars the sexy Amelia Jane Rutherford and American babe Aleesha Fox. Check out lots of hot and spanked ass at the link below.


Oct 142017

aaa spanking girls bottoms



Oh fer fooks sake. Look at that shit eating grin on the Chief. He’s probably thinking it’s Christmas. That is one “Hey, suckers. Guess how I spend my free time!!” smirk. Jammy bastard. Here he is testing out his AAA SPANKING new girl Joelle Barros by giving her pert arse a taste of the old hand spanking as she writhes and kicks over his lap. Great pix and more can be seen at the link below. Great website with loads to see in the Chief’s members section and excellent value for your dollar.


Oct 132017

harley havik

Uh oh, new girl into spanking alert, chaps! We are proud to introduce a brand new spanking model: Harley Havik. Harley is twenty five and very enthusiastic about spanking and kink in general. She did her first ever spanking shoot with us recently, and here are the first of the fantastic results! Harley really enjoyed filming, too, so you can look forward to seeing much more from her in the future. To let you get to know her a little better, lets look in on her typing lessons. Harley is not particularly enthusiastic about that! Really, neither is her teacher, Miss Alex Reynolds, a secretary who has taken a couple of students to get a little extra spending money. She is not particularly patient with these girls, especially when Harley insists on typing in the least effective way possible. Fortunately, Alex is also ready to prepare young Harley for discipline in the workplace, and when her patience is stretched too thin, she takes Harley firmly in hand by bending her over the chair and giving her a bare bottom spanking. Unsatisfied with these results, she then orders Harley across the desk for a few strokes of the cane, before sending her back to typing with her panties around her knees. Fingers on the home keys, now, young lady! Look forward to a film featuring Harley coming soon, and you will see just why we were so looking forward to introducing her! She is truly a lovely girl, and we are proud to have her on our site! See an exclusive Harley Havik gallery here!

Oct 132017
Her own riding whips on tight denim stings a lot more than Belinda expects
Always pushing the limits, Belinda Lawson decides to have Col Grey use her own riding whips on tight denim jeans. “It stung WAY more than I expected,” she said after Military Discipline – Asking For It . “That was a mistake!” See the Reaction Cam as her face tells the smarting bottom story. “I should have worn full panties, not a thong!”
Will 14 burning strokes of the cane cure Alison Miller of computer games?
Lying flat on her bed, Alison is scared to see Patrick Bateman walk in carrying a cane. Her Gamer Addiction is out of hand and buying a new cellphone gets her in more trouble. But will 14 strokes across her barely covered bottom make her change? Judging by her Reaction Cam shots and squirming on the bed, we’d say ‘Yes’!
The hottest jiggling bottom on the internet is back for a spanking – only here!
We’re excited to welcome back the stunning Dani Daniels to Firm Hand in an all-new Naval Discipline series with Melanie Taylor. Dani isn’t wearing a bra or panties under her navy uniform. There’s only one way to deal with that offense: a sound, bare bottom
spanking that has her bootylicious cheeks bouncing red! “That really stung” Dani said.

Check out preview clips from these new spank movies right here!

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