CLASSIC EROTIC TOONS: Olive Oyl Tijuana Bibles Sex Comic 1925

First appearing in the 1920’s, the Tijuana Bibles were cheap xxx eight-page comics printed in the USA featuring many famous cartoon and Hollywood characters from the times such as Mae West, Robert Mitchum, Dorothy Lamour, Greta Garbo, Laurel & Hardy, Popeye, Betty Boop, Mickey Mouse and many more. Heavy on the smut and titillation, they were sold under the counter in various places like tobacco stores and Barbers and they reached their height of popularity during the depression years.

Rude Spankings for Aysel.

hot ass spankings

Oh, like her A LOT! Say hello to a new girl at Triple A Spanking USA. Aysel’s Wheelbarrow Spanking: Sarah had just introduced beautiful girl next door, Aysel Zeeling, to her group of sites so of course this was a girl Sarah couldn’t resist spanking in an intimate & revealing position. Would Aysel take on the challenge of joining the infamous AAA Wheelbarrow Club? She really was a sweet girl, 20 years old & refreshingly tattoo free. Her innocent looks make this irresistable viewing as Aysel took her second spanking of the day in a naked predicament! However, Aysel proved she was more than capable of withstanding this new experience as she later admitted that she really enjoyed the headspace of being spanked in such a vulnerable way. Sarah was happy too & glad that she could make Aysel’s day by fulfilling a fantasy of hers on her very first spanking shoot.  Click here for an awesome gallery of Aysel pix!!!

Mila Khol Bubble Butt Bathtime Spanking.

pandora blake dream of spanking

LUSTY BUSTY MILA Khol reveals her OUTSTANDING assets in the latest update from PANDORA BLAKES romantic cosplay website DREAMS OF Spanking. What an ARSE this girl has got and it makes for the perfect wet SPANKING movie which is great fun and very erotic to watch.

DREAMS OF SPANKING: “BUBBLES” – click here for more!

Sexy Hot Nurses Spanked in Uniform.


Uh Oh, women in uniform – spanked and strapped. Don’t know about you lot but this thing we do is much more fun if there’s a little costume roleplay involved. In my case, it’s nurses. Give me a woman in a traditional nurses uniform and I’m one happy randy bunny. No trouser suit for me. Nope, low vee neck top to show off impressive cleavage, tight skirt to show off figure hugging posterior and a pair of wooly thigh high self supporting stockings.

If you’re the same as me and a fan of this type of spanking fun then check out the latest offering from UNIFORM SPANKING – the home of all things spanked in uniform. Neat thing about this website is that it’s layed out in episodic sections devoted to whichever type of uniform takes your fancy – French Maid, Air Stewardess and so on.


The latest episode is set in St Elizabeth’s private hospital and involves two cute nurses getting a thorough strapping by their superior.

The story so far: “Dr. Johnson told nurses Stacey and Sammie to give a young patient Patricia in room 63 an injection twice a day and when Patricia didn’t want the injection, the two nurses decided to take matters into their own hands and spank Patricia.

Later Dr. Johnson saw Patricia’s red bottom and both nurses were soon called. They both got scolded and received a sound strapping over the bed in front of Patricia to which they had to apologize.”

All excellent fun and highly erotic. UNIFORM SPANKING is a great website with loads of hot English ladies being punished, spanked, caned, paddled, strapped and whipped. Go take a look by clicking the link below:


Amelia Jane White Knicker Spanking.


Hey spank dudes and dudettes, here’s a smashing preview photo from part 3/5 of NORTHERN SPANKINGS gallery series “St Michaels Estate Manager” with top spanking babe Amelia Jane Rutherford stripped down to her skimpy white knickers for a taste of the belt across her fab botty. Excellent photo with more to check out in their members section where there are hundreds of pix and movies to download for subscribers. Been a member there for a while and its great. Highly recommended – CLICK HERE for more.

Hot Nurse Brittany Spanked at Uniform Spanking.

EPISODE 23 – “Brittany’s Revenge: part 1”


OK, to no one’s suprise I am a total sucker for anything do with uniforms and spanking. To be more precise, make that NURSES uniforms. I dunno why because I fucking hate hospitals and have to be dragged to see my local Doctor. Maybe it’s seeing sexy women in nurses uniforms getting spanked turns me on in a “see, this is what you get by making me come here” way. This is why I love SPANKED IN UNIFORM website. It rings all my bells and has some fantastic English babes getting walloped in various hot attire. Check out this new episode from their “Nurses” section. How hot does Brittany look in her skimpy outfit? Her being a red head rings another of my bells. See her getting her fab arse spanked until it’s tomato red. Excellent spanking movie and watch loads more on the SPANKED IN UNIFORM site.



AAA Spanking for Kami in her Sexy Lingerie.

kami robertson spanked


Kami is employed by the Osborne Family to clean their old house, she has been in the employ of these old school disciplinarians for some time but she sticks with it because they pay her well for her services so when she accidentally breaks a large glass she knows she’s in trouble but not as much as she thought she’d be. John is devastated that an old family heirloom is shattered in pieces and he takes it out on Kami’s perky behind! See her spanked in her sexy Maid outfit and frilly knickers but then John removes his belt and she feels the leather stinging across her bared cheeks from a severe thrashing until they are molten red and she’s in real tears! Check out this hot spank movie from the excellent spanko groupies at AAA SPANKING. Kami Robertson is one of my favourite spankee’s and has a fabulously curvy derriere that just loves to be spanked and punished. She also looks hot in sexy lingerie too. See more of Kami being spanked at this special gallery –  CLICK HERE TO SEE MORE!!