May 232017

erotic caning erotic spanking

Oh-kay, these are fucking brilliant. Leia Ann Woods is a particular favourite and here she is in a brand new movie from Pandora Blakes DREAMS OF SPANKING. Dressed in tight corset and skirt, Leia-Ann Woods is an obedient secretary, ready for day ten of her training with Thomas Cameron. She submits to an inspection, then a cold caning at the hands of her exacting boss. More great pix and a free preview here!

May 222017

northern spanking harley havic

Northern Spanking has been around a long ass time and over those years has become a well respected part of the spanking community with its excellent erotic spanking content. Now based in the USA, NS continues to improve and is a firm favourite here on Yeowch. Check out their excellent preview page which is now updated more often with free clips and galleries to check out – such as their new movie with the gorgeous Harley Havic. NS has a huge archive of spanking content for members to surf and download and comes highly recommended from this webmaster. Click here to take a look around.

May 222017

spanked women in uniformMIKE’S 50’s DINER: Episode 3 “St Catherines Girl Spanked!”


Blimey, that naughty minx Danielle Hunt sure gets around doesn’t she. Here she is playing a sexy waitress at Mike’s 50’s Diner in the latest update from the awesome SPANKED IN UNIFORM website – the website devoted to hot babes getting punished in various skimpy uniforms. Each new episode is like a spanking soap opera with some of the most famous bottoms in spankdom getting the red bummed treatment whilst dressed as maids, waitresses, nurses, policewomen and many more. All done in the worst possible taste! Good fun and easily one of the best spanking websites on the innernets. Click pix or link below to check it out – sign up and get access to hours of spanking movies and galleries.


May 222017

Here we go with another cool update from Firm Hand Spanking USA. Check out a classic movie featuring Amber “Pixie” Wells getting her cute ass soundly walloped as well as the latest episode from Belinda Lawson’s teacher series. Enjoy the free gallery above and click here for exclusive preview clips!

May 212017

hot american spanking with april flowersAMERICAN PORNSTAR APRIL FLOWERS HARDCORE SPANKED

american pornstar april flowers spanked

pornstar april flowers spankedBUM BEATING FUN – HARDCORE SPANKING AT IT’S BEST

Awww sad to say it looks like this excellent website is no longer around so enjoy some classic pix from this great and much missed spank site BUM BEATING FUN. Please ignore any links that are in some of my old YEOWCH posts from way back.

May 212017


Bare assed school swats in the nude for Belinda Lawson.

Hey gang, apologies for lack of whizzo spanking updates lately but my health has jumped off a fucking cliff and I’m stuck at base camp drinking gallons of cranberry juice and seeing fairies due to the amount of meds I’m on. Usually a hardy type but, fuck me, 2015 has been crap so far. Bummer. Anyway, to keep my mind occupied, here’s the latest emailed update from Firm Hand Spanking and their awesome girls. Click here for exclusive free preview clips!

ps: just wanted to thank those of you who took out subs last week. Amazing. Much appreciated and your support helps keep my Yeowch blogs going and bought me a nice bottle of whiskey to warm my bones into the bargain!

May 202017

hot arse spanking

Brand spanking new at Northern Spanking USA is a bum walloping awesome gallery of mature bottom slaptitude for your delight. When John was out of the office at lunchtime, he was terrified when a reckless driver nearly ran him down as he crossed the street. He was more shocked when he realized that he recognized the car, and the driver: it was his own wife, Jadie! Jadie had a reputation for being a menace on the road, but when he saw for himself just how dangerous she was, he had no choice but to punish his pretty wife. Waiting for her when she arrived home, with a leather strap in hand, he reminded Jadie of what had happened that day. Her excuse of “I’ve never run YOU over before!” didn’t go very far. Jadie ended up across his knee, being punished first over her tight leggings, then her cotton panties and finally, much to her chagrin, on her bare bottom. Then she was made to kneel on the sofa and present herself for the strap. Even worse, John told her that he was taking her car keys for a week, and that she’d have to take the bus!  Click here for a free pix preview!!!

May 202017

yeowch english spanking blog

erotic spankings at yeowch spanking blog

What is it with black stockings and suspenders?! More please like this latest gallery update from the excellent NORTHERN SPANKING website. Just love the way Caroline Grey fits her perfect arse into her sexy lingerie as she get’s a good spanking from her date. Definitely the best way to end a first encounter. See more from this new series and hundreds of top quality erotic spankng movies and pix in their huge archive section.


May 192017

spanking april spanking april uk spanking

Another oldie that I missed! Take a look at naughty brunette April getting her ass spanked in tights. “Another episode of Unladylike Manor and this sees the arrival of April who is after a job as a PA to Lord Stern, He needs help in his charitable foundation and in his misguided mind the thought of offering this work to a convicted fraudster, for that’s what April is, ,is merely doing more good work. He does however believe that she needs to repent and he knows just how that can be brought about. It does of course mean that she goes over his knee for a spanking on her panty hose tights and then on her bare bottom. His horny old hand soon works its magic on this fallen girl.” says Spanking Sarah Bright. View a whole gallery of pix right here!

May 192017

american ass spanking

Brand spanking new is this cosplay tale with naughty scout Dorothy getting her pert ass slapped.Girl Scout Dorothy begins the delivery of this years cookies. However, a discrepancy is noticed in the ordering, all have had an extra zero added! Could anyone really spend $5,000 on Girl Scout Cookies? Apparently John Osborne could but, before deciding what to do, and how to pay for her fraudulent activity, Dorothy must be spanked!  Click here for an exclusive free gallery of pix!

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